Why Buying Local is Better

Considering buying a new or used RV? Here are some tips on why buying from your local dealership is the right choice for you.

1. TRUST: When your local dealer sells an RV, they also sell their reputation and the last thing they need is an unhappy customer in their local community.

2. PEACE OF MIND: When you buy a used RV from your local dealer you’re guaranteed the title to that RV. If there is any money owing to a financer from a previous owner, it’s covered by the dealer.

3. AFTER SALES SERVICE: Jayco Mt Gambier offers workshop and servicing facilities as well as spare parts to keep your RV in top condition long after you’ve taken delivery.

4. CONVENIENCE: Jayco Mt Gambier offers a choice of many RVs all in one location and can provide specialist advice on which style best suits your needs and budget. High pressure selling is a thing of the past – At Jayco Mt Gambier, sales staff are more interested in customer satisfaction and building a relationship with customers for the long term.

5. CONVENIENCE: If you ever want to utilise the warranty on your RV, it will be far easier to have that warranty available locally.

6. LOCAL COMMUNITY: Supporting Jayco Mt Gambier also means you’re supporting local business and local jobs.

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